Small Group Training


Our signature service! Small group training offers individualized attention at a very affordable rate. Each session has a focus within strength and condition training. The group is no larger than 5 people in order to maximize each participants individual experience allowing for personal instruction. This program includes a monthly consultation where we set/review your health and fitness goals, review diet, nutrition, and lifestyle habits, and track measurements/progress in order to customize a program just for you.  This is a great option for all fitness levels.




Total Body Confusion:

This is a total body strength and conditioning workout that incorporates free weights, medicine balls, boxing/kickboxing, plyometrics, balance/stability challenges, and body-weighted exercises.  It will increase your metabolic rate, make you sweat, and turn your body into a well-oiled, fat burning machine sending you off feeling motivated to continue to strive for your best you.  (50 minute class with no more than 5 people)



This is a total body HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. This class will get your heart rate up and challenge your cardio capacity, conditioning, and endurance. Working in short and intense bursts of energy followed by a very short recovery period has been proven to increase endurance, athletic performance, and metabolic rate. This workout will turn your body into a fat burning machine and leave you feeling great. (50 minute class with no more than 5 people)

Rock Bottom: 

Strengthen and tone the lower body. This class works the booty and legs using free weights, body-weighted movements, some weight machines, and angles. Think sexy legs and buns! And don't you worry, we never forget Abs. (50 minute class with no more than 5 people)


Tone it UP: 

Strengthen and tone the upper body - think chiseled arms, shoulders, back and chest! Oh, and abs, abs, abs! This class will increase your lean muscle mass and sculpt your upper body using a combination of free weights, body-weighted movements, and some weight machines. (50 minute class with no more than 5 people)

Please let us know if you are looking for a class time that is not currently offered as we would like to tailor our schedule to you as we expand class times offered during the week.

New Small Group Training Client Special: Receive 10% off your first program with us!

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Booking Policy - Please don't show up unannounced. We'd love to have you! For your benefit, groups are kept small and we like to stay stay organized, please book online up to 12 hours in advance or by calling/texting to possibly squeeze in last minute. 

Cancellation Policy - 12 hours prior. Hopefully you love us so much you don’t want to cancel but we know things comes up.