5* - Daniella is a skilled trainer who has a lot of heart and talent! She is a great motivator and crafts individualized workout plans that are specific to my goals. I travel out of state a lot for work, and she is great at keeping me focused both while I am home and while away. She has helped me craft a workout routine that incorporates both her sessions and "homework" to keep me on track so that I can achieve my objectives (in this case, getting in shape for my upcoming wedding!) She is a delight to work with! -Megan E. (Dighton, MA)

5* - Since joining Daniella at the beginning of April I have lost 14 lbs and 17 inches.  I am beyond thrilled and feel better than I have in years.  Her routines have been challenging and focused on my specific needs.  I fully expect to be her fitness 'poster child'.  Stay tuned for updates! -Beth F. (Rehoboth, MA)

5* - Best trainer ever! Not just my body but reminds and motivates me to be healthy and happy. Love this lady! Thanks for strength, energy, and renewed outlook on life -Paul B. (Providence, RI)

5* - I joined DTrain fitness a few months ago and already have seen results not only with respect to my body, but mood and energy level as well. Daniella pushes you past your comfort zone each and every visit.  She will have you do exercises you never thought of and would never do on your own. I truly appreciate all her guidance and the resources she has provided me to help me attain my goals. It's a serene location with a great group of people. I leave exhausted and yet full of energy after every visit. So happy I joined DTrain!! - Nancy L. (Seekonk, MA)

D'Train Fitness has gotten me back on track!! Small ,personalized classes and one on one training for a workout that will make you think,sweat,laugh and push yourself out of your comfort zone. A true workout every time.
I feel very lucky to have found Daniella and having someone who has a passion for exercise and nutrition! Look no further, trust me!

-Leslie G. (Rehoboth, MA)

5* -Over my years as a trainer I've worked with many other trainers and clients There are very few people that I've considered truly dedicated to the art and science of fitness. As a trainee Daniella excelled in her dedication to improving her mind and body so it was no surprise when she became a trainer and began to share her gift with others. Daniella is one of those trainers that other trainers wish they could be, her passion and focus is a model of what a trainer aspires to be, and her results with clients proves it. A warm heart and a determined "yes you can" attitude can propel you to personal levels of fitness you could only dream about, all you have to do is begin, and as her former trainer I can assure you that there is no better person to start with than Daniella. -Dennis B. (Rehoboth, MA)


5* - As a middle aged person I recognized that I needed strength training. I, however, had little motivation to do it ......until I met Personal Trainer Daniella , owner of D'Train Fitness . Her motto is it for YOU! I love both the small group training sessions and the one on one private sessions. DANIELLA makes you feel like you are the only one. She pushes me to make progress every time and I am! We have fun too! She has made this all very affordable because her number 1 priority is getting her clients to see the best in themselves. Hardwork and fun....if you want to get stronger mentally and physically look no further. I highly recommend Daniella from D'Train hands down. -Leslie Gouveia (Rehoboth, MA)

5* -Daniella is an amazing trainer who helps you achieve your goals. She incorporates different exercises all the time so you are never bored. Would highly recommend DTrain fitness to anyone who is looking to better themselves. -Kathryn Peach (Dighton, MA)


5* - I have had many trainers throughout the years but Daniella is by far the best. She cares about her clients and motivates us. She gives tips on eating as well as exercises that focus on what we need to work on. I just finished a 30 day cleanse with her guidance - I lost 7 pounds and 2 inches. Daniella challenges and pushes me weekly. A true inspiration! I can't say enough about how great she is!! -Karin Isherwood Coulter (Jamestown, RI)

5* -great people, great philosophies, great workouts. -Paul Ballenden (Providence, RI)