Welcome to the new you.

DTrain Fitness is a private fitness studio located at the beautiful Five Bridge Inn in Rehoboth, MA where we have the luxury of training outdoors as well as indoors. We offer small group personal training, personal training, and group classes as well as in home personal training (offered in Rehoboth, Seekonk, East Providence, Providence, Edgewood, Pawtutuxet Village, and surrounding areas).

We believe fitness has so much more to offer than just sound physical health. Fitness is also a powerful way to improve overall wellbeing, combat stress, depression, and anxiety, build confidence both mentally and physically, build community and long lasting relationships, and leads to positive changes across all aspects of life.

Our mission is to provide personalized services at affordable rates and use fitness as a vehicle to spread health, happiness, kindness, and compassion.

Everyone deserves to look good and feel better!